You Can't Handle the Truth

Gayby (2012): Jonathan Lisecki

Jenn, a straight female, realizes her biological clock is ticking away, so she decides her best chance at having a child would be to have one with her best friend Matt, who happens to be gay. They decide to do it the old fashioned way.

It’s awkward to watch. Awkward things happen. It’s awkward. Jenn (played by Jenn Harris) is kind of homely and frankly, I see why she is still single. It’s unfortunate.

There are some funny one liners and a lot of “gay humor.” Aside from that, meh. 


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The Babysitters (2011): David Koryaka

A socially awkward teen manages to get lucky and sleep with the father of the kids she babysits for whom she always had a crush on. Then she realizes she can form a “call girl” service with her friends, providing older, married men with the chance to sleep with their “babysitters.” 

Watching teens have sex and do drugs with older men is weird. There is a scene with boobs. The ending was not what I expected at all.

I oddly enjoyed this film. Don’t judge me. 


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21 & Over (2013): Jon Lucas & Scott Moore

Casey and Miller (who are both 21) want to take their best friend, Jeff Chang, out for his 21st birthday, which just so happens to be the night before his big interview for medical school. 

Lot of crazy stuff happens. There are lots of boobs, some girl-on-girl action, a lot of drugs and alcohol and other typical party movie topics.

Apparently, the writers of the Hangover only know how to write films that are extremely similar to the Hangover but not really the Hangover but really.. the Hangover.


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The Pill (2011): J.C. Khoury

Fred (who has a girlfriend, surprise, surprise…) has a night of unprotected sex with Mindy, who admits that she is not on birth control. Worried that she could get pregnant, he gets her to take the morning after bill (after a large debate and a lot of disagreement.)  Unforunately, the pill has two doses, so Fred spends 12 hours with her to “butter her up” and to be with her when she needs to take the second pill. 

They slept together once and she already thought he was her boyfriend. Lots of weird stuff happened and somehow, Fred falls in love with her?? (I know..)

This movie was frustrating to watch, the ending is terrible (almost non existent) and it dragged on for too long. 


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Fat Kid Rules the World (2012): Dir. Matthew Lillard 

Troy, an over weight, suicidal high schooler becomes friends with a dropout from his high school. The dropout, Marcus, recruits Troy to be the drummer in his band, which gives not only gives Troy a friend, but a purpose that outshines his love for food and video games.  

I couldn’t help but root for Troy and want him to succeed. This movie has a quality “underdog” story. There are some real funny moments as well as serious ones to keep you locked in.  

The ending was abrupt which is complete shit.


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